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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tips for making saving a priority

Recent studies have found that Canadians are saving less money than the used to. That’s not entirely surprising, given the tougher economic times. But most people agree that saving money — whether it’s for retirement, a down payment on a house, a child’s university education or just a rainy day — is a priority for them. So how do you develop the discipline to save on a regular basis? Here are some helpful tips:

Make a budget. The first step towards saving money is recognizing where your money is going. Start by making a list of all your expenses. From there, you can start to decide which expenses are necessary and which ones can be cut out.

Eliminate waste. Sometimes saving money simply means being smart with your money. Avoiding things like late fees can prevent needless spending.

Pay down high-interest debt. If you owe money on credit cards, where you’re paying a high rate of interest, focus on paying those down first. The less money you give away in interest, the more you have to save for other things.

Make healthy choices. Strangely enough, sometimes healthy choices can be as good for your wallet as they are for your body. Things like smoking and eating a lot of fast food are not only unhealthy; they also cost a fair amount of money. If you can reduce or do away with those sorts of expenses, you’ll save money and feel better.

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