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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Credit union and Co-op Fast Facts

• There are 41 credit unions in Manitoba, with 185 branches — 60 in Winnipeg and 125 outside of Winnipeg.

• Manitoba’s credit unions have $8.3 billion in total assets (as of June 30, 2011).

• There are 606,181 total credit union memberships in Manitoba (as of June 30, 2010).

• Sean Connery once earned a living driving a horse-drawn milk float for a co-op in Edinburgh. There’s no record as to whether the milk arrived shaken or stirred, or if Connery was given a license to spill.

• The Associated Press (AP), London (England) Symphony Orchestra and London Philharmonic are all run as co-operatives.

• Rural electric cooperatives operate more than half of the electric distribution lines in the United States.

• Bee Maid honey, Granny’s poultry and Peak of the Market vegetables are all produced by Manitoba cooperatives.

• You may also have tasted some of these cooperatively produced products: Sunkist oranges, Welch’s grape juice, Ocean Spray cranberries, Sun-Maid raisins and Blue Diamond almonds.

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