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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Be cautious when using public Wi-Fi

Free public Wi-Fi is great, but always be aware of what you do online over free Wi-Fi.
Catching up on the news or checking sports scores is fine, but it’s a good idea to avoid accessing any personal information — including online banking.
That’s because hackers have developed new and nefarious ways to steal your information over free Wi-Fi, including using a device known as a “Wi-Fi pineapple.”
A Wi-Fi pineapple is a small, battery-powered device that a hacker can conceal in a backpack or bag. With it, the hacker can essentially insert him or herself between you and the real public Wi-Fi, fooling your computer or smartphone into thinking it’s connecting to free Wi-Fi when, in fact, it’s really connecting to the Wi-Fi pineapple.
Then, when you enter your login information, the hacker receives it all before it’s relayed on to the real website. From that point on, your account is compromised, without you suspecting a thing.

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