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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Third Canadian Medical Aid Shipment Arrives In Kyiv

Kyiv, Ukraine- December 1, 2009

The third Canadian relief shipment of H1N1 medical supplies will arrive in Kyiv, Ukraine Wednesday afternoon at 12:05 on board Aerosvit Flight VV 132 from New York. The shipments were organized by the Canada Ukraine Foundation (CUF) in conjunction with the Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) and the Children of Chernobyl Canadian Fund (CCCF) subsequent to an urgent appeal by Ukraine's Ambassador to Canada, Ihor Ostash.

The shipment valued at $110,000 consists of urgently needed medical supplies including 4 state-of-the-art ventilators, 80 oxymeters (including 10 handheld oxymeters for post-natal infants), 3 capnographs, surgical masks, N95 respirator masks, isolation gowns, surgical gloves, face shields, bottle hand sanitizers, and other medical supplies. The supplies are designated for 24 hospitals in Kharkiv, Kyiv, Chernivtsi and Western Ukraine which were hardest hit by the epidemic, among them three children's hospitals. The shipment follows two previous ones valued at $180,000 which arrived in Ukraine two weeks earlier.

"Our focus is on people-to-people help, as the Canadian diaspora responds to the needs of the people of Ukraine. The shipments are going to specific hospitals that are still caught in a Soviet era health care system that is not equipped to handle a crisis like this," commented CUF President Bohdan Onyschuk. "We are extremely grateful to Aerosvit, Air Canada and the Cole Group for providing the air transportation services for free, and to the Children of Chornobyl Canadian Fund and the Ukrainian Medical Association of North America for donating some of the supplies and partnering with us on this vital humanitarian aid project."

Mr. Onyschuk further stated, "Ihor Ostash and the Ukrainian Embassy staff in Ottawa have also been terrific for their tireless efforts in fast-tracking the clearance of these shipments with Ukrainian Customs and Ministry of Health officials in Ukraine."

CUF, which raised some $300,000 for the relief effort, continues to monitor the situation in Ukraine and is prepared to send additional shipments if needed.


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